March, 2010

March 02, 2010

MotoLiam Speaks Again! 2010 'GP Preseason Review

Thanks to the group at , I am back and able to start speaking again about All Things Moto(GP)TM, a new webcast show that will cover news and tech about MotoGP. It also means I'm going to start posting again to my website now that I'm re-discovering my voice.

This first show is pretty long, almost 2 hours, but there's a ton of information and technical bits, and about an hour's worth of questions and answers from the live chatroom audience that was following along. Well worth it to check it out or just leave it running in the background until you hear something you're specifically interested in ;)

You can Click Here to read the official press release about the new show, All Things Moto(GP)TM.

Overall, I'm very excited to be participating and I would love some feedback from anyone that watches - speaking of which, let's see if we can't generate some positive feedback from the people who are currently working in the series and see if they'll call in to the show one day to be interviewed on video - live! welcomes the addition of Liam “MotoLiam” Shubert to their team and is proud to present a brand new MotoGP show which will begin airing Monday, March 1st, at 6PM Pacific standard time. Viewers are encouraged to log in to: OTT LIVE where they will be able to actively participate in each show, interacting and asking questions in real time via a chat room while watching the live webcast. Questions will also be taken via FaceBook andTwitter, UN OnTheThrottleTV.

Liam brings with him several years of working experience within the MotoGP paddock, having been a race mechanic and logistics/spare parts engineer, as well as having direct racing experience working with teams in WSBK, WSS, and the World Endurance Championships. Not only will the All Things Moto(GP) show feature race commentary and an in depth technical analysis of the ever evolving MotoGP bikes, but first person knowledge of the riders, racetracks, team structures and personalities within this fast paced world! Viewers can also expect to learn more about the lifestyle and countries traveled, as required by a World Championship motorcycle race series, and unique and informative segments about the technologies that make these MotoGP bikes so special, such as carbon brake systems, carbon fiber construction and processes, tire and chassis technologies, and historical matters that helped steer the direction of bike development.
The show will follow the entire MotoGP season and will be a live webcast and include a studio audience as well as instant feedback and questions from OTT viewers around the world, simply by logging on and registering at:
For those unable to join in on the action in realtime, the shows will be available for viewing simply by clicking on the OTT LIVE header.
For all All Things MotoTM Press Inquiries, please contact