September, 2008

September 08, 2008

8 weeks out.

After two beautiful podium visits by Toni Elias, myself and the rest of the Alice Team are gathering in a few hours to fly towards Indianapolis, getting a start on the last five races of the season. Some of us will be out of our homes for the next 8 weeks, working and traveling at the maximum, and as needed and required by life in the MotoGP world. I haven't written much lately, choosing instead to gather my strength and finish this season strongly, but I hope to begin posting again as I learn and understand more about everything going on lately. Let's have some music, shall we?

Indy 1 -- Time to get the blood pumping again.

Indy 2 -- Thanks go to TE24 and SG50, for pairs of their respective sunglasses, hahaha.

Indy 3 -- I have always gotten on very well with this particular track X)