September 08, 2008

8 weeks out.

After two beautiful podium visits by Toni Elias, myself and the rest of the Alice Team are gathering in a few hours to fly towards Indianapolis, getting a start on the last five races of the season. Some of us will be out of our homes for the next 8 weeks, working and traveling at the maximum, and as needed and required by life in the MotoGP world. I haven't written much lately, choosing instead to gather my strength and finish this season strongly, but I hope to begin posting again as I learn and understand more about everything going on lately. Let's have some music, shall we?

Indy 1 -- Time to get the blood pumping again.

Indy 2 -- Thanks go to TE24 and SG50, for pairs of their respective sunglasses, hahaha.

Indy 3 -- I have always gotten on very well with this particular track X)


Thanks for the update and the pumping music! Good luck in Indy!

Hey, good to hear you're in good spirit :)
Yes, the two podiums were great and well deserved.
Indy is going to be extremely interesting indeed.




Incredible run of finishes for you guys. All the best for Indy, and I look forward to another post.


Congrats on the last results!
Nice to read from you again.

have you picked up the new ratatat? another good album is silent alarm by bloc party. let me know if you want me to send 'em to ya. maybe i'll see ya at indy!

You're back online.

Thanks for the Rizla papers.
They're so cool!!
Good luck at Indy!

good music - thanks!

Why you lazy SOB, you can post up more then that.

TOni Bck TO HOnda???


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