April 22, 2012

Trippin' the Week Fantastic

It's been an incredible week; new job, new shoes, and I'm rolling like never before. Jules snapped some beautiful pictures on our ride last Sunday, sailing through the dirty mountain roads I love so dearly.


Conditions weren't the best; heavy rains the week prior had washed a lot of dirt and debris onto the road, and several corners were still awash with little rivulets and streams, making for some hurried decelerations. The day prior I had run with a crew and the rider in front of me managed to rear end a postal van on Pescadero. Tis' the season . . . to be careful, cautious, and remember the mantra of the mountain rider. "Make it home."



Jules doesn't appreciate the camber changes along Alpine Road . . . but it makes for a fantastic challenge to run through. It's hard on the hands and the body, 1st and 2nd gear hairpins with constant elevations changes putting extreme stress on the palms and wrists.


My favorite shot of the set.


Jules picked this one - his eye for detail noticed the reflection in the mirror . . .


After a few weekend rides, the handlebars will be rotated forward once again, and the front forks dropped in the trees 3mm to tighten the package up.


And lastly . . . while not my picture, I do find this one to be so wonderful :)


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