May 05, 2021

What's old is new again :)

Holy Smokes, I'm still here! I haven't put much time or thought into this old website since I left the ranks of MotoGP after the 2008 season ... in fact, I'd completely forgotten how to log-in to post, I'd misplaced my bags of links, lost my password, etc. Thank goodness I still remembered the name and initials of a girl I once knew ... or I wouldn't have been able to figure out how to get back in, and get back to writing.

A lot has changed for me in the past 10 years ... I'm now married and raising a strong little family, I've transitioned to a new career path in Healthcare IT, and I've been blessed to re-invent myself at every step of the way in order to tackle new motivations, or because I simply didn't know what I was doing. The "fake it 'til you make it" approach still applies to some degree ... I have applied myself over hundreds of sleepless nights working and figuring things out as best I can. Not bad for a guy that didn't own a laptop (or really use a computer) until the summer of 2005.

I've kept this website going as a chronicle of some of my past adventures, but to be fair, my memory is not as strong as I had anticipated, and it seems the older I get, the more I've forgotten. I'm hoping to start writing again as a means of capturing my current life, and writing here on my blog because this is more of my "quiet space", with less noise and distraction of Facebook and the like.

So what am I riding these days?

Introducing my oftentimes headache bike, a 1974 Harley Davidson Shovelhead FLH (a real troublehead). I love it. It is slow, cumbersome, mechanical, industrial, agricultural, and it is alive. She takes me back in time, and I am perfectly content to just cruise and not pound on the giant S&S Super B carb. Most of my changes have been reliability related, but this is a something of a foreign machine for me, so I'm still learning about it, bit by bit. I added a primary belt drive system, dry clutch, some big jetting changes, small ape hangers shipped from my friend Koji Hamada in Japan (, and generally I have just been having a ton of fun getting to be more proficient with kick starting this big old beast (74 cubic inches, or ~1,200cc's of air-cooled awesomeness). She's a 3-50 Kick Start bike!!!

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