April 16, 2007

Axio in MotoGP!

It's with immense gratitude and enthusiam that I welcome AXIO to the MotoGP World Stage! AXIO is a leading manufacturer of computer backpacks (Hardpacks) and other outstanding riding equipment, and this partnership with the Pramac D'antin MotoGP Team represents a major commitment on Axio's part as they become one of only a handful of U.S. companies taking part as an active sponsor in MotoGP. This is something that has been in the works since I first met with Bob Haro at the USGP at Laguna Seca in 2005. Bob's already had a fascinating career, starting off as an international BMX freestyle star, which led to successful line of highend BMX's (of which I've had the pleasure of owning two of), and now he can add MotoGP Technical Partner to the list of his impressive achievements! Eventually, Bob stepped away from the bicycle empire and went into custom design with his company, Haro Design. I'd been using Bob's hardpacks for years , both with my sportbikes and choppers, and we struck up a friendship that now see's Axio as the Official Supplier to the Pramac D'antin MotoGP Team!

I can't think of a better place to showcase these incredible hardpacks than in the Technologically Advanced and Fastpaced World of MotoGP, and these custom Pramac Dantin editions *powered by Ducati* and utilizing Axio's patented polycarbonate , hardshell technology, will be worn by all members of the team as we travel to all the races this season! I want to say Thank You to Bob for seeing this through and helping us to do our best as we compete at the highest level of Motorcycle competition.

Best of all, these Pramac Dantin limited edition hardpacks will be available to the public later in the season! For more information and images, check out the extended entry by clicking below.

How Cool is THIS?!?

Pockets for my chargers, jumpdrives, and everything else I'll need to carry with me to get the job done!

Convenient cel phone pocket . . . . or will I be stuffing my camera in there for quick, on-the-go, shots?

And shouldn't that be a Road Racer X Magazine in there? I can't wait to get ahold of my new Axio Hardpack (my third!), and I encourage all of you interested to contact your local motorcycle shop to see if you can get your hands on one of these uber-cool, limited edition bags! Personally, I stick with Motostrano for all of my motorcycling needs. Thanks Bob!!


too cool! and funny too, i was just looking at their site the other day thinking it was time to get a new pack (my northface digital has lasted me 7 years and 2 crashes!)

and it's my favourite color scheme to boot.

this is awesome!!! i've been looking to pick one of these up. i got a friend's gf to buy one for him for xmas. he loves it!!! will the pramac colors run at a premium?

4 days and counting...

Excellent Job Liam, getting them involved. My Axio carbon fiber back pack has flown South on two wheels many times (999r).
Regarding the previous post, I wanted to say that after hearing the big bikes booming down the straight at Laguna last year I was awestruck as well. (You may have seen me hobbling along on crutches Sun evening while you and a couple of buds were browsing the vendor display. I saw you but hadn`t made your aquaintence as yet). Anyway, I`m pleased your passion has served you and the entire team well. Stay healthy, Greg

How much??

My understanding is about 180 US. Now where the heck can I order one from so I am the only one in Canada to have one!

These look awesome. I have to have one. please post a link. Being a Ducati owner this will really suit me and the bike well...

Any chance that Axio will have the D'Antin available for the public?

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