October 01, 2005

Other places to check out:

Andrew Wheeler's Blog (AMA and MotoGP Photographer

Looks like I've inspired DUNLOP to start their own MotoGP Blog, haha. Good Work, Ben!

My friend, Hiro Aoyama's website

Nicky Hayden

John Hopkins

Red Bull US Grand Prix

Shubert Consulting - Your So-Cal Engineering Solution!

*Liam's Wild Ride* - A link to first page of the Barf thread that first captured my adventures

Kropotkin's well-informed MotoGP Blog

My 2005 USGP Experience

A brief interview with Road Racer X

MotoGP and WSBK teams I've spent time with:

Pramac D'antin MotoGP

Fortuna Honda

Konica Minolta Honda

Team Eckl Kawasaki

Ducati NCR


Keep up the good work Liam.. I'm hooked. peter (stockholm/sweden)

Keep up the good work Liam.. I'm hooked. peter (stockholm/sweden)

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