October 30, 2005

The Mountain Village

We got to drive along the race course through the mountains and we ended up in a small village in the middle of the nowhere. I couldn't pronounce the name if I tried so I just went for a walk.

Here's another shot of the place. The roads were closed a couple hours before that section of the race was to be run so we had made it with about an hour and a half to kill. Fortunately, because of our passes and connections (we were the title sponsors!) we were able to drive the same route as the race! It was a twisty serpent of a road, and I hope to bomb through there again one day on a Motard. My apologies for the poor picture quality. The humidity and the plane ride ruined my memory card for the Canon so these photos are from my small handheld Sony. I was pretty pissed because I was lugging all this camera equipment around and I couldn't use it. Fu*K!

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