October 05, 2005

Who is Liam Shubert?

Liam Shubert is a surfer from Hawaii who fell in love with motorcycling ten years ago. Since then he has travelled throughout the U.S., studying under greats like Bob Pynn (Harley-Davidson guru) and Burton Gabriel (Euro-moto expert), and honing his skills as a master mechanic. Among his specialties are dynomometer tuning, engine and transmission modification, complete chopper building, custom mini-bike design and fabrication, race bike prep, maintenance, and more. At age 29, he relocated to Barcelona, Spain, and got busy working with the Losail National Cup (Qatar), and in two world championship motorcycle series, MotoGP and World Superbike, as a mechanic, journalist, photographer, and industry promoter.

2006 found Liam Shubert working fulltime in MotoGP as a mechanic on Alex Hofmann's Desmosedici "SAT" for Pramac D'Antin Ducati .

In 2007, Liam continued working with Pramac D'Antin Ducati and was upgraded to Parts and Logistics Coordinator for the Official Ducati Satellite team, fielding Alex Barros, and Alex Hofmann!

2008 finds Liam once again with his Satellite Ducati Team, now with sponsorship from Italian telecom conglomerate, Alice. For this new season, Liam will once again working in the capacity of Parts Manager, and is fired up to be working with two young and vicious riders, Terrible Toni Elias, and Sylvain Guintoli!

In 2009 Liam moved back to the Bay Area, California, and began fabricating and working more with Composites, specifically Carbon Fiber and Carbon Kevlar weaves. He spent part of 2010 and 2011 working with Cisco Systems alongside their User Experience team and 2012 will be even more interesting. He is very interested in modifying and preserving older Japanese cars and building unique parts for unique motorcycles. How special do you want to be?

You can read about my job in an interview I conducted with in 2007!


G'Day Liam, Followed your adventures avidly for the last year, it's a great public service you are doing for motogp fans like myself.
This is probably obvious but in case no-one has bought it to your attention. Your banner at the top of the page always sits down into the first dozen lines of text. makes it very difficult to read.
Secondly and i guess you aren't going to have time for most of this year with the season in swing but a post on your thoughts of the Mechanical school youwent too way back at the start of your career; feedback on the quality of education you recieved there would be of interest to lots of us backyard tinkerers.
Cheers and keep those posts coming.
Regards, Brett (OZ).

i must say, this is my favorite. it marks a beginning.

Great site Liam and I love the tricycle in the picture. Even I could get my knee down riding that. :-)

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