November 16, 2005

Barcelona Proper

Here are some town shots of Barcelona. Lots of little alleyways and people live from their windows. New smells and old ideas. It's fascinating how one generation bleeds into the next. Unlike America, there aren't track houses going up everywhere, and a strip mall. . . What's a Strip Mall?!?

Check out the rest!

Another nice shot of town. These are the nicer buildings near Platha De La Universitat. It's pretty much town central and I'm sure it's pretty pricey to live here. People walk around this area day and night and you should look out for pickpockets. In the plaza there are young skateboarders and inline skaters doing tricks on the benches. They seem to get along with one another.

Just like the shot I got in ShangHai, people fix their bikes in the street. It's not totally legal, but what choice do the people have? This guy let me take his picture and thought I was a little weird. He ended up getting radiator fluid everywhere. Amateurs! I've also seen people doing complete four stroke top ends (pistons and all) on the street. Nasty!

I found Che in Las Ramblas! Apparently he smells like whiskey now. He stands around for hours but I think he makes enough money to survive. More than me at least, haha. Also, there are people painted up like robots (like in SF!) but without the little whistles. They're not as good at popping-and-locking as we are, naturally.

I saw these street vendors cooking Yams and Chestnuts on the street. This was a Tuesday, and it was some kind of holiday. Taking this picture just about started World War III!!! I was planning on buying a yam, since I like them a lot, and thought I'd get a picture to remember it. Whoa. This was a bad idea. The three old people started yelling and screaming at me like I just stole their souls or something. I listened politely and tried to explain myself in almost non-existent Spanish but it was no use. Some girl walked up to help me and was translating a little. After they yelled are her for a bit she gave up. I ended up buying a yam and they sold me Montezuma's Revenge. Tit for Tat I guess.

Who would've thought I'd find some Dixieland Jazz on the street in Barcelona! Not many people know this but I woo'ed a girl once with a Banjo. . . . .

Everywhere in the world, Banjo People are strange! Funny coincidences, my very first guitar was bought by my mother in Hawaii while I was in high school, about thirteen years ago. She bought it at a garage sale and I used it to rehab my arm after breaking a collarbone. It was a Spanish Classical guitar that only had four strings when I got it. My dad replaced the strings for six good ones and drew my a chart with chords on it. It was the Valencia model. When I left California I dropped off my minibikes to Brad Renolds apt. in Mountain View. He lives next to Valencia Street. My current apt is on the corner of Avenida Roma con Villarroel. The street behind me (same block) is Valencia. Strange. Do other people have weird connections like that?

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