November 28, 2005

Boring Mondays, and MotoGPod, my MotoGP DVD, and ?

Hanging out on a monday. It's been an uneventful weekend. Relatively.

Saturday brought about another session of working on my roomate's scooter. It's a Honda Lead 100cc four stroke with lots of bodywork. Under normal conditions, working on a bike wouldn't be a problem for me, but this is Europe. In the city. And it's really cold outside. And I don't have access to a garage.
Where did we work on it? On the street. Sitting on a curb in the 40 degree weather with lots of wind. Ghetto-Style. In true urban fashion, we kept an eye out for the local cops because you're not supposed to work on things in the street. A tense moment arrived when a meter maid came walking up the street ticketing cars, but we quickly dumped all the pieces into a large plastic garbage bucket we had brought downstairs from the apartment for just this event. A wink and a smile and she kept on walking. How obvious were we? Bike in pieces, tools on the floor boards, and a bucket full of bodywork. In exchange for my work, he bought dinner supplies and a bottle of Negrita Rum. I then taught him how to cook burgers without burning them, and they turned out pretty good. Toasted white bread, burgermeat, gouda cheese, and some chopped onions. Tasty.

The final tests of the season are here and I'm considering going to Jerez for the Ducati and 250cc tests. It's a long haul by train if I do it, and I don't know where I would sleep, but I'm thinking about it. I wanted to make it to Sepang, Malaysia, but that's out of the budget this time. I did some research into buying a vehicle while I'm out here and so far I haven't been able to get any concrete info. Part of it is the language barrier, part of it is my own inability to surf Spanish websites accurately. In any case, it looks like insuring a vehicle will cost a lot. I'm not sure it's worth it, because I could just go and get a bicycle. Still . . . .

About my DVD, the BackStage of MotoGP:

We recorded that interview on Thanksgiving, early in the morning. I don't remember all of it so I'm sure I'm gonna download it and listen for any goofy comments I might have made! If you guys don't already know, is a podcast (the only one concerning MotoGP) and is run by a really nice guy named Bob Hayes. If you go to the website you can download individual episodes (they're available every Friday) or just play them by clicking on them (no need to subscribe if you don't use iTunes). However, I'm a subscriber and it's just easier that way. Whenever I'm puttering around the apartment, I play one in the background.

The dvd is titled, "The Backstage of MotoGP".
It's got a nice Alex Barros interview, as well as one with me, and some photos and video you just can't get anywhere else. My friend, Alex, is in charge of production, but he's leaving for Brazil to visit with family for a few weeks. I don't know if you can still catch him, but you can email him here:

Actually, this DVD will be available later this year as a downloadable feature, so hang on!

He should have a couple copies left and can mail you one. Here's a shot of the cover art which was done by yet another Barfer, Albert Santoso! Albert (IEHawk) is a talented graphic artist, and if you need some special work done you can email him here (P.S. he does hi-resolution work, haha):

So I went walking around today (surprise!) and found this really neat little shop about a mile from my apartment. I'd never seen one of these bikes before so it was a total treat for me! Can anyone tell me what it is? Sorry it's a little dark, but the little Sony Cam I've got is getting old and it just doesn't do the bike justice. At least I've gotten over 3000 shots with it, and we're both still kickin!

After this I went to a world famous Salsa Bar, called the Mojito Club ( It was jam packed by midnight; so rare in this town apparently. I couldn't believe the amount of girls shakin' it and gettin' down! The music was raucous, horns blaring, people shouting, everybody dancing in large circles around the dance floor. This was the first time I'd ever been to a Salsa club, so it was a novel experience. The Spanish people treat their salsa dancing as if it was a major sporting event! There were guys and girls stretching out in front of some huge mirrors at the entrance of the club and at first I thought they were a little strange. A few minutes later I realized why they had been doing it. Yow-Zah! These people made my little 50-cent arm pump move look retarded! I couldn't hold a candle to them, so I didn't even try. Ran into a couple of nasty British girls who had lived in the Bay Area a couple years ago and they had nothing but lame-o comments to make. It was ok, though, because dem b*tches ain't got no riddim! Overall, it was a really nice dance to watch, everyone was spinning in unison and clapping hands. The dance is so simple to start but then it just keeps on going and getting more and more complex and artistic. Mainly, I learned that I don't like Salsa music. Too many high pitched sounds, and after a while I started going crazy. I had to split out early. Tomorrow? The adventure continues!

It's a Voxan. This shop had a bunch of the roadsters and a couple other models inside but I couldn't get any good pics so I'll wait until another day. I'm also having trouble finding a website for the Ducati SC Caracchi team. They fielded Fonsi Nieto earlier this season (but let him go early, before his wedding!) and later had Lorenzo Lanzi, who won some races. I dug around on Google but couldn't find anything useful. Does anyone know where I can get more information about this team? Thanks!

Might as well get a shot in of the Store. Hey Frank, did you know there's an international branch of your favorite SF magazine?!?

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