November 03, 2005

On the way to the '05 Valencia GP!

On Thursday morning I got ready to go to Valencia. I had packed a small suitcase (which I borrowed from my roomate without her knowing) and proceeded to the rentacar joint where I would meet my driver. Yay! Free ride to Valencia from BCN!! I bought a coffee at the cafe halfway down the block. I don't know if the dude at the cafe liked me or what but here's what my coffee looked like when I got it. . .

Raul Jara was my driver. He's second in command at the MotoGP academy (director or coordinator -not sure), and one hell of a good rider. He got injured a couple years ago so he just manages things now. We spoke in English (thank god) and had a nice time. We plan to race Karts at some point, but with the crazy schedules the racing puts on everyone, I don't know when that'll happen.

I would say he's also Pedrosa's right hand and confidant. Nice guy, truly.

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