November 13, 2005

Planet Cafe

Right now it's about 3 in the afternoon and I'm sitting in a coffeeshop that one of my roomates found. It has free Wi-FI!!! Not only is this place about three blocks from my apartment, the atmosphere is really laid back and I am sure to get a lot of work done here. They don't mind if I plug the power adapter in, either, which is a big deal in power conservative Spain. No matter what's going on my roomates are constantly turning the lights off and it's always dark in my place. I wonder if this is a sort of mental/psychological holdover from the dark ages?

I first found this place late last night and I ran into a couple Americanos! Turns out the coffeshop is run by a mother/daughter team and the daughter, Jana, is dating Kenny, the son of Dennis Noyes. Dennis is the famed American rider/journalist, currently working for Solo Moto. Here they are working on some articles for Road Racing World and Speed TV, online. What a coincidence, huh?!?

To find out more about Kenny log onto Kenny Noyes

Bike Technique, or kitchen implement disaster?

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