November 23, 2005

Random Bikes on the Street

I've been walking around for a couple weeks, and I keep seeing all these bikes! It's driving me mad not having one of my own, because surely the roads in the mountains outside of the city are spectacular. Here's a beautiful Speed Triple, in white. I don't think it matches the personality of the bike, though.

The Honda FMX 650 is quite popular here, but I still think it's a little heavy. The reliability can't be questioned, and it's heritage runs deep with the XR and Dominator series.

Here's a neat little scoot!

Anyone care to tell me what this is used for?

Sweet little 50cc Motard. These things are everywhere, and the young kids buy them and soup them up to the gills. Hmmmm, maybe this isn't the best example, but it sure kicks butt anyway!

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