December 02, 2005

Looky, Birthday Presents!

Check out my cool stuff, haha.

I got a couple small things from my friends for my birthday, the best of which was this! I also got some great music from the Baz Luhrmann movies, like the speech song (everybody's free [to wear sunscreen]) and many more good songs (seriously, check the album out)! Had some great chocolates, too, my favorite being the Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar, and I just wanted to say a deeply heartfelt Thanks to everyone for making my brithday special!

Can't think of many companies that know how to market themselves as well as Repsol, in terms of sheer numbers of free goodies!

At first I thought it was a CD case, but then I realized it was too small. Minidisk maybe? Nope. Opening it up revealed a wealth of small gadgets designed to simplify my life. Que Perfecto! Patricia knows I'm always carrying my computer equipment around and this is really gonna clean up my backpack! It's got an optical mouse, a USB camera hook-up, a 4-way USB splitter (which is awsome, since I can't do anything when my iPod is jacked in!), and best of all, a headset for speaking and listening. Really cool stuff, but not as cool as genuine American Peanut Butter!


Hey where did you find that trina soda? ive been lookin for that stuff for about 2years you live in portugal? or is it sold there?

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