December 17, 2005


Finally got around to seeing a bit more of the city today. Although the weather appeared to be bright and sunny, it was mighty cold, in the high thirties. This is the Olympic Stadium on MontJuic. It is very impressive, not just the stadium but the surrounding structures, also. For something that was used for only a short while (a couple of weeks of Olympic competition) it showed a massive financial commitment by the Spanish government. It is still used for events and competitions but this afternoon it was a very lonely place with nary a soul.

A shot through the fence at one of the entrances to the stadium. Everything was fenced/locked off but I managed to focus through one of the holes in the fence for this picture. I can imagine what this place was like when it was packed to overflowing, with huge crowds cheering in various languages.

This was the Torch monument, and it was amazing. The sky wasn't as clear as I would have hoped but just seeing THIS rising tall above the cityscape was great. Beautiful, flowing lines. Since we're in Spain, I guess nothing is sacred. . . . that is, nothing is above commercializing on. On the lower portion of the monument, there is a big Telefonica sign painted on it! This totally reminds me of something I'd expect to see on planet Krypton.

The Park surrounding the Olympic Torch. I'm guessing the giant "batons" light up at night, but I'm not sure. Yet.

Walking down the hill revealed this beautiful building crouching in the trees, about ten minutes from Olympic Stadium. This is a huge museum and for a guy like me, it was a little intimidating. I don't know much about art, I only know what I like, and what I don't.

A second shot of the Museum. It was immense and I could have gotten lost in there for hours. Well, not really. The types of art I really like are hewn from aluminium and steel, typically :) Particularly, the trick minibike parts from Japan. So clean, like moto-jewelry.

Paused for a moment while walking to take in the Pavillion designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. I've seen better homes and pools in Hawaii! They wanted 3 and half Euros to go in and have the chance to buy books and postcards so I passed and crossed the street to check out the L'Art Nouveau exibit. Watched an education film (in English!) and tried to soak everything in. Lots of Porcelain and furniture. I thought this metal tree structure was pretty neat, but unless it has two wheels, it doesn't really move me.

An example of some over-priced, fancy chairs. I think in the future I'll keep my home styling minimalist and very Japanese.

Later that night I went to a great dinner at L'Acadamia with some old friends and then went to Club Trece. Two rooms with different music deep underground in a converted bunker! The music varied from remixed 70's to one of my all time favorites, Pump up the Volume, by M.A.R.R.S.!!! It's been about twenty years since that song came out, and it still rocked the house!

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