December 31, 2005

Motoliam does Lisbon, Portugal - The Dakar Rally!

This one was *NOT* taken in my room. I knew I wanted to do something cool this weekend since my roomates would be out of town again and I didn't want to hang in Barcelona by myself when I could be finding additional adventures elsewhere!

So I headed off to Portugal! It wasn't a cheap flight, but nothing is on short notice and especially during this season. I acquired some of the "local" flavor and made my way about the city earlier today. Remember kids, Smoking Kills!

This was supposed to be a "snow falling" shot because the building behind me was having a party and there were snow blowers dusting the crowded street below. The snow was partially made of soap, and left bubbles everywhere, on the street and all over the cars!

Thought about eating at this restaurant. . . . .until I read the sign!

Paused for a minute to take in the Triumph ad. If only they sold this model in the states! I think the Daytona 675 might have some competition here . . . . .

Umm. . . . you figure it out.

Enough goofing around! I saw this sticker on a car and my moto-juices kicked in. I had a feeling walking around that something in this town wasn't right. It was a restless feeling.

Just stumbling past a hotel on the Liberdad street something caught the corner of my eye. I walked in and was greated with this!

Walking around a bit more on the street brought about this beauty. I don't quite think this is your father's Chevrolet, in fact, I don't think it's a Chevy at all!

This was the sunset this past afternoon. This morning at 5AM the bikes will take off for the start of the Lisboa/Dakar Race! In the dark! It's almost 4AM now and I'm late. I'll let you all know how it goes, so stick around!

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