December 16, 2005

Nachete comes to town

So today was a busy day for me, relatively speaking. I was to meet a young guy named Ignacio in the morning to discuss the Losail Cup, which is a six race series going on in Doha, Qatar, through April. D'antin is heavily involved but I couldn't get a ton of info because of the language barrier. I started my day by waiting at the Plaza Universitat for a bit since his train was late. Ahhh, a beautiful, brisk morning, and I needed it to help wake up since I had trouble sleeping the night before and had woken up several times, starting at 3AM.

Ignacio "Nacho or Nachete" Dorenzana works for a 125 team in the Spanish Championship and knows a bunch of people in the GP world. He first fell in love with racing in 2002, and he goes to the big Spanish events when he can. We talked about a number of things, and compared friends in the paddock. One of his good buddies is Tony Escoda, who has worked in GP since '88. Currently, Tony's teaching a young rider in World Superstock, Max Bergeron, I think. We agreed to touch base later in the week to talk some more. I bought him a coffee and overall it was nice to meet another fanatic like me, doing whatever he can to get into the series.

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