December 14, 2005

Nice Bikes, dude.

Mine's Faster, cause it's red! Sometimes people ride on the back, but oftentimes there's a bike trunk mounted. This guy must have bought the "sport" package. M-Scooter.

Another shot of the new "Gentleman's Express".

Speaking of the Express, I think this little bike is just perfect for the city. I've only seen a handful of these on the streets here. Beautiful bike that initially faked me out. I thought it was a small bore Ducati. . . .but I was wrong! I think this would be a great bike for real world riding, and I wish I could afford one here! I'll try to get more detailed shots in the future, because this is one sexy machine. I was in a crowded area and because of all the scooters parked everywhere I couldn't get a good shot of this bike. Next time, next time. Anyone know some technical specs on this bike?

Although Honda is not making two-strokes for their streetbike market, there are still plenty of them running around here. I believe this is the '02 model NSR 50. I've seen a couple buzzing by, tricked out, or street-fightered! Lowest price I've found for one of these in dubius condition is about $1500 USD. Not bad, but still pretty pricey for a little bike. While race replicas are not uncommon, they still bring a smile to my face. My roomates think they're stupid because "Repsol isn't paying me to ride their bike". They've got a point.

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