January 02, 2006

Lisboa Dakar, part 2

The start. One race day, there was a crowd of thousands waiting in the dark. I had to stand very far away, wrapped in my American Flag, and using my 300 lense. Many people stopped to talk to me (because of my flag toga) and take pictures. I was conscious to flash the peace sign a lot.

The whole she-bang. There was a great monument across the street from the Museum and for two Euros you could take an elevator to the top. If the weather was better the pictures would be outstanding, but as it is, the winter won and the gloominess only added to the foreboding feeling and the challenge of the Dakar.

This baby castle was situated on the shore facing the Atlantic. I assume it's an early warning station for ships entering the harbor and heading up the bay into the Lisbon Peninsula.

The dark of the Start.

This building provided the most light, and it was a really classy touch to an otherwise dreary morning. Then the rain started falling.

Here's Rauseo and Krynock gearing up for the beginning. I have more Dakar photos but I'm anxious to begin posting other pictures!


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