January 30, 2006

The Macba, Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona

Finally had a chance this past weekend to visit the Macba museum in the Raval area. It was formerly a crummy part of town but it's a lot nicer thanks to additional policing and newer construction. It's a Modern Art museum, but many of the exibits dated from the fifties through the seventies. You can find out more about this place here:

A shot up the chute between the main exibition hall and the bookstore/giftstore. I couldn't believe how many art and photography books were available! Sure wish it was a sunnier day, but hey, you get what you can!

I would've taken pictures of the interior and the artwork, but then I wouldn't have been relaxing. There was a large black rectangle, though, and that was some Mo-darn Art! It was a big black painting of a big black rectangle. I'm still thinking about it. Course, there was also a city made out of chocolate, but that was ancient. Here's a shot showing the new and the old in this part of town.

This is a very popular area with the Skaters. Every time I've been through here I've had an education on what's cool to wear when you're young! From baggy, to military, to ripped and shredded, to quasi-normal, it's nice to see the variety and diversity -- but I don't want my pants halfway down my ass!

There's only so much "Art" a guy like me can take! Just scouring the surrounding blocks turned up this *Beauty* from the right era and just sitting there, waiting for some love. I wonder if the tires gave up before the owner did. . .

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