February 14, 2006

Higher Resolution Pics? Sure!

Here's a picture of a chameleon. I just finished reading Jurassic Park and the Lost World, so I have a newfound respect and interest in reptiles. I know, I know, I am easily amused, haha.

But the real news here is that I just realized Barf will let me post photos up to 256K! These photos were originally posted on a forum thread but now I've moved them to my personal site because I think they're really nice. For some reason I had thought that I was limited to around 52K, so whenever I resized my photos, I cut them down to that size. This means. . . .that from here on out, all photos will be the High Resolution style! I'll make sure the photos I post in the future really *Snap*!

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day - to ME!

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