February 11, 2006

The GT Moto Arrives. . . . . Woot!

This week I finally received the bicycle that Lonny (and some super Barfers!) helped me out with! It has been in the mail for a few weeks and was stuck in Customs in Barajas, Madrid. Some quick shuffling, toe-tapping, and a rather large Import Tax, and the bike was finally released in time for me to get it by the weekend. I am soooo happy right now! My friends Jana and Kenny agreed to take delivery for me at their shop because I wasn't sure if I was going to be in town to sign for it. Incidently, Kenny will be speaking on MotoGPOD on 2/17/06, and it's sure to be good. Lugging a 53 pound box a couple blocks wasn't fun, but I was too excited and I had to get it home immediately so I could start assembling it. I really, really want to give a big Thank You to everyone that made this possible.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My luggage (with most of my tools) was still lost in transit so I wasn't even sure if I could get it together. Fortunately, I had one Snap On ratchet and one Snap On long 5mm ball end driver, and that's pretty much all I needed! Thank goodness the crank was in place. I managed to get everything together and I was soon to be back on two wheels - or so I thought!

The head set spacers were slightly off, but after a quick run to a bicycle store in the Raval -

This is up the hill at Montjuic, where I had to pause to catch my breath. Yessiree, I'm out of shape!

The colorful parts of the city are smelly. But I'm riding again!!!!!!

Last shot for now, I'm exhausted, and my legs are beat! Managed to stop at the beach in Barceloneta for a bit, and lo and behold, there were a bunch of kids riding trials/bmx bikes. If you look carefully you can see one. I would've taken pictures of them, but I didn't want to ride up on a shiny new bike and geek out on them. They might have thought I was weird, haha, if only they knew! For sure, there are more adventures waiting to be had, and armed with my trusty bike, I'm going to go find them! Once again, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who helped me out. I'm working on a way to say Thank You that's better than just posting about it. Now? :sleeping.

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