March 26, 2006

Desmo's Hidden Jewel

First off, about that thing on the shelf:
It is the super rare and extremely precious motore of the illustrious
Ducati Supermono! I think this motor came from one of the 94-96 versions, as the muffler that was also on the shelves was the single can, dual outlet type by Termignoni. Very nice jewel.

Oh, and the old racebike? 1985 Ducati 750 F1 with swingarm upgrade to 1987-88 spec, IIRC. I love the way the tank sits down in the frame! Gorgeous! The Paso was sold later in the 750 and 907 guise and they both ran trellis frames, though the littler one had square tubes instead of round stock. I think I read once that the U.S. spec Paso's came with something other than the Weber carbs (which were on the intl. models) and this is why it was a common/necessary upgrade to the U.S. ones. I also believe the #88 bike started out as a Paso, but was altered so much it sports 851/888 race fairings - I could be wrong, as there was a language barrier and I'm not a Ducati history expert - yet!

Oh yes indeedy,
I love horizontal four stroke singles!

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