March 19, 2006

Fiesta Time, for no reason.

It's been a busy week as usual, and Saturday was, or should have been, strictly downtime for me. Instead, my household was busy preparing one thing and another. . . . because it's Fiesta Time, baby!

It might look like a burnt Custard Pie, but the Empanada cooked up by my roomate, Patricia, was awesome. I cannot stress this enough: If you are consuming large varieties of bebidas (drinks) you should have good fuel in the tank. Do not mix Rum, Whiskey, Wine, Beers, and Sake. Or, if you must, try to space your partying out to around twelve hours or so. Ahhh, the Spanish really know how to party. I mentioned months ago that Sunday is a waste of a day, and this is because it's simply the "slower time" of Saturday.

I thought this photo was funny because I caught everyone with their mouths open. In the background is Jines, the hospitality director for Repsol. He's responsible for everything relating to feeding and entertaining everyone at the racetrack, from the big details, like the semi-truck, to the smallest details. I'm not sure if I spelled his name right, but for an older guy he partied pretty hard and was still up drinking coffee at my apt. this morning at 7:30AM! Around 2-ish, we left the house to find a nice club to get our collective groove on. The Sutton! It's in the high area of Barcelona, and the music was spot on. Lots of fun people and a great atmosphere - I recommend it if you make it here.

At the club I bumped into Juan Martinez, chief mechanic for Sete Gibernau. I always take the time to say hello when I'm at the track and he's always very gracious. Juan and I discussed the GP06 Ducati, and it's amazing what they're able to do with the bike. Juan's confidence is high, and he has one of the more "fun" attitudes in the paddock. That is, he knows when it's time to concentrate, and when it's time to cut loose! I enjoy his perspectives on racing (sometimes they're downright wacky!), and who knows, maybe I'll end up working with him someday.

Here's a shot with our extended family in BCN, the 250cc Aoyama brothers, Hiro and Shuhei. They were exhausted from the training regime which continues through the weekends! I'm not sure, but if I had to point any fingers I'd say it was the sake that did me in! Love the stuff. At least I represented well -- I may not be able to take these guys on the track, but I dance better!

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