March 01, 2006

Flashback Time, the White Brother's Four Stroke World Championship, Glen Helen

This race was at Glen Helen, on the big track! This was a two day competition, the White Brother's Four Stroke National, and I (obviously!) bogged the bike at the start. Not that it would have made a difference, as I was thoroughly trounced. Sleeping in the front seat of a '97 GMC Jimmy in a church parking lot overnight, with the tail end backed up against a wall to inhibit theft, didn't make me especially chipper the following days, . Not to mention the ruts, which in some areas where much deeper than the 10" wheels I was running! Overall, it was a blast, and if you haven't tried wringing a small bore bike to it's limits, give it a shot. You'd be surprised how much translates to the bigger bikes. Since then, I've improved a lot on the little bikes and if you're curious about racing, this is a great way to get involved with a fun, happy group of people. You don't need big money, a big truck (one guy carries his bike around in the backseat of his civic!), or a big ego. It's backyard racing at it's best and I highly suggest looking into it. Not to mention how cheap it is to swtich tires and go Mini-Supermoto racing! Fast50's was the first company to give me a shot (and some backing!) and if you're interested in learning more then check them out here!
The "roots" page definitely hits the nail on the head!

Check out this sweet video!

go for it!

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