April 03, 2006

Why isn't MV in WSBK?

The last few days I've been spending time walking around. The weather is turning, leaves are sprouting from the trees lining the streets, and the sun is shining. On Saturday I had a nice time walking through the Passeig de Gracia area, which is filled with expensive boutiques and high-profile brand stores (think Rodeo drive type stuff), and also some cheaper places, like H&M. I guess it's a social shopping area, with lots of outdoor cafes and bars/restaurants interspersed throughout the hotels lining the street. As the day turned to evening, I thought I saw someone I recognized, but I wasn't sure. However, the person recognized me! Turns out it was Oliver Jacque, former World 250cc Champ and Kawasaki test-rider (hopefully a wildcard rider later this year - Le Mans anyone?). He was strolling through the area with two kids, and also his parents. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes, which was cool, and he was here because he was getting married this weekend. Congratulations Oliver - I hope that ring doesn't slow you down!

This makes the second weekend in a row I have randomly run into somone from the MotoGP World Championship, and both times no one else recognized them. I wonder how many people involved in the AMA scene are recognized when they're in town for a race? The last time I was around an AMA race, I had a great time talking with Merlyn Plumlee, and to my surprise, no one else was bothering us! This guy has got a lot of history and good stories, but people didn't seem to recognize him. Oh well, their loss. Speaking of history, this Marque has quite a bit as well, and this is how I prefer to see them. . . . . . .

If MV can race in the European Superstock category, why aren't they racing in WSBK?

So while I was at Valencia, I had a chance to spend time with an old guru from Ducati. We spent some time checking out this other Italian Stallion together, and he concluded that it is a nice bike. His appreciation for the design of the bike can be summed up when he went back to his garage and sent out one of his mechanics to look at something on the MV. What could be that interesting? The handlebar clamps. I don't have a good picture of them, but the next time you see one of these, take a look under the top triple clamp at the "Rocketman" design of the bar clamps.

Now I know this is an expensive bike to race, but Union Bike had three of them! All different paint schemes, and all appearing to run strong. MSRP in the states? Expensive. MSRP in Europe? More Expensive! I salute MV Agusta for going racing, which is the heritage of this brand. There are so many rumours flying around about Superbike right now, that it's hard to keep track. Who wants to get in with another Twin Cylinder, who wants a 1200cc, who is building a V4, and how many other manufacturers are considering getting in to the WSBK championship next year? I think this tail is damnright sexy - right up there with the R1, if not better.

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