May 28, 2006

Hanging out with Evan and Joanne

I got back to BCN near 4AM, bushed and ready for a good nap. It wasn't to be, because (and I was super lucky) I would be able to hang out with Evan and Joanne again. We had some things to discuss, and Evan's advice is always appreciated. Not to mention Joanne is an MSF instructor in the Bay Area. I'd be willing to bet that a couple Barfers have probably taken the course from her.

Evan is responsible for helping me put this website into action, and he's a constant source of advice (when he's not busy working on other things!!!)

Here's me and Evan on the Metro train system on the way to Barcelona's best pizza,
Pizza El Borne!

Now that the happy couple (who just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary) are back in San Francisco, Joanne has been busy uploading photos from their trip. You can find them here:

Barcelona Part 1

Barcelona Part 2

Barcelona Part 3

Lest you think the trains are perfect, here's a hot and sweaty example of what they were like today.

What's that George used to scream?

"Humidity Now! Humidity Now!"

Did I mention they're all underground, and poorly ventilated?

As you've guessed, I'm a little behind schedule right now.

My favorite car in the world, with some twit getting in the way! I promised myself one day that I was going to own one of these, but I think I'll be totally old, fat, and bald by the time that happens, haha. Waitaminnit, don't say it!

All I can really say right now is that I'm tired, I'm stressed, but more than anything, I'm Happy!

I want to start making tentative plans to hang out with everyone at Laguna Seca, and because I'm most likely going to be busy during the days and early evenings, Friday Night sounds like the best plan. My time in the States will be short, but I want to connect/reconnect with as many of my friends as possible, so look sharp and let's make this happen. Why not have a Barf Function at Blue Moon (or someplace chill where we can all hang out without screaming) on Friday around 10ish? Budman, make some calls and let's see if we can have a Barf gathering somewhere. I might have some special guests with me who want to check out the nightlife and mingle with the locals.

See you guys later! yes, yes, haha, blatant plug!

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