June 30, 2006

Looking for money, found a good burger!

The day after Holland, I went around searching for Western Union places in BCN. According to the WU website, this was one of them. A long walk later I was there, but they were closed for lunch. I did what anyone would have done in my place, and had lunch myself. I should mention that there were no mentions of lunch hours posted, either on the web or the actual place itself. SPAIN!

Naturally, the place ended up not being connected to WU anymore, and that kicked off a whirlwind 6 hours of frantic searching and back and forths with VTRweasel, and eventually we got things right. Turns out WU spelled my name wrong in the computer and that was a screw-up of a collossal nature. Big FU to WU. But there's never time to have bad feelings. Life is too short to dwell on the negative, and besides, I got things to do! Like enjoy this great hamburger - best I've found in BCN. Too bad it's so far away from my house, and next to that useless travel agency.


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