July 27, 2006

Nothing like a Solid Meal

I had wanted to take out some of my team to a nicer place (than Denny's) since we'd been in California. While the Stinking Rose was decidedly a step up, the service wasn't up to par, or rather, I would just say that the man was rude. Nonetheless, the food was good, and everyone had some serious Garlic Breath as we headed out to Pink, a euro-trashy nightclub in the Mission. Everyone was propositioned for spare change and more, and it was a fun night managing everything and everyone, including those who left the fiesta to go sleep in the van! Tonight? We're off to one of my secret spots in the city - in the Richmond area - and I'm confident that it will be another fantastic night. Represented here at the table are over 50 years combined experience in Grand Prix racing, with the stories to make even a short talk informative and entertaining! Ahhhhh, one day I'll be an "old-timer".

The Italians got a kick out of this. Apparently, they stopped selling World Championships this year (in motorcycle racing - World Cup Futbol? That's another story). However, they are offering even more exciting racing. Racing Without Pressure! I know the rest of this season will be filled with some phenomenal passes and everyone is sure to lay their hearts out on the track.


I remember the Stinky rose and the lines outside - just a funky joint...

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