August 25, 2006

A Parting Shot, Brno

The last night I was there, Monday after the test, I went out with a couple of my close friends on the team. We situated ourselves in a nice bar on the fifth floor of an oldtime building with dark colors and Afrikan influences. I found they served this . . . . . . .


We began our night out with the usual talk of who was going where for next season, and the revelation that Valentino Rossi would be joining our team next season in order to have the exact same equipment and tires as Max Biaggi. . . . . . . .yeah . . . .. right!

We had time and Kroens to burn, and as the night progressed we delved deeper and deeper into our own thoughts . . . . . Tomas, our resident Frenchman (he's the good kind), demonstrates.

"Yes, yes, I see what you mean."

"Very Inter-resting!" - the Absinthe was beginning to take it's hold upon our fragile moto-minds. . . . . .

"Would you like another?" "For Sure!"

I couldn't help it. I was trying so hard not to laugh, but I failed! We had a monstrous conversation about various topics, and I finally learned the secret of why French people are "like that". Was that what was so funny? I don't recall . . . .. . .

Tomas is still thinking about it. Probably.

Absinthe does strange things to you. You'll notice all our eyes turned red, and we began to see things. . .
All in all, a magical elixir.

When the photos started looking like this I stopped.

More to come, as I proceed to upload things from Germany and California - Stay Tuned! And keep a eye out for the coming music selections. . . .Brno's were great, and it's only (always!) going to get better! Now keep on laughing and let the spirit move you!

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