August 11, 2006

Mom Comes to Town, part 2

I had a great time people watching at the Oakland A's blowout earlier in the day, and while watching Baseball may not be one of my favorite activities, it was really good to spend time with loved ones. From the traditional hotdogs and beer, the Cracker Jack (!), and the smiles, it was a really good time. Later that night, we visited my mother's hotel, and were pleasantly surprised to see her staying here:

That's right, baby, Mom was staying in room #501 of the York Hotel, in downtown San Francisco.

What makes #501 special? Why, it was used in the filming of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Vertigo !

As has been our tradition for more years than I remember, Mom and I went out to share some incredible food, at a trendy place called Brick, on Sutter street. It was a little pricier than I'm used to, but the food was magnificent - delicate flavors and a good wine list, too. I highly recommend the place - but be warned, the service can be a tiny bit slow, which is never a problem when you're in good company!

The plates are small, but pack a punch. All of the duck dishes were great, and just about everything was good.

A proper night out with Mom includes hitting up a nice lounge, or someplace classy, to have a drink and talk. Another of my preferred spots in located on Sutter, just a few blocks West.

As the name implies, everything in the Red Room is reddish. . .

Mom's cooler than Colin Edwards

Love you, Mom!

Can't get away from Motorcycles for too long, though, and right in front of Mom's hotel there was this beat-up old Triumph collecting tickets. Four days without moving . . . just hope it's not the Lucas electrics!

Thanks for everything, Mom, and next time I'll try to come and see you in Hawaii!


Wow - time flew! I had a wonderful wonderful time with you and friends!!!! You said it all and so well. Love, MOM

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