August 15, 2006

Prague, Czech Republic. Part 1

The Iron Curtain is parted, and I'm right in the middle! There is such a change in attitudes the further you go into the previous Communist countries, but no matter what, people still get a charge out of Motorcycles, and that's why we're here.

I've got a date with Mrs. Praga.

Funny story about the cab driver. Seems like they all "ride" here in BCN, and when they find out I work in MotoGP, they always tend to punch it. By the time I whipped out the camera, he'd already slowed down to 180KPH, from 230! All I have to do is mention that I'm late for a race, and it's on!

Can't get enough of that coffee! Sooo Goood!

Yay!!! Czech treats on the flight!

More Czech Treats revealed themselves at the airport. . . . . . . . .

My enthusiasm was somewhat tempered by the machine gun toting police, who popped out of rooms like this throughout the place.

I'm part asian, so I really like eating soups with egg in it. Great stuff, and with the Orange/Grapefruit juice I had, I couldn't believe it was only 3 Euros. Welcome to the Republica Checa!

Where am I again?!?

PRAGUE, baby!


Yo Liam,

Nice website!!! Looks like I'm the first commenter on any of ur posts. Hope things are going well.

I missed the USGP but some of my buddies made it out there. They partied it up w/ the director of SCRAMP. They had sweet tix. Just wished I had the dough and the time. Next year. I think a crew of us will be heading out for Mugello '07.

Keep up the good work!

PS ditch ur PB and pick up a new MacBook. It's worth it.

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