September 18, 2006

Back in Kuala for a minute, then Tokyo!

I'm in Kuala Lumpur's beautiful airport once again after a longish 8 hour flight out of Melbourne. I didn't get a chance to see much of Melbourne, but I tried to check out Phillip Island as much as I could, with short trips to Cranbourne and Cowes. I have a lot of footage and great experiences meeting with the Aussie peoples, in particular two MotoGPod listeners (both of whom bemoaned the lack of consistent podcasts these days). Matt - thank you very much for the Gummi Bears and Ginger Bears.

It's a busy time, and the flights are full of GP personnel - typical of these overnight flights. Many of Dorna's crew, my team, and a bunch of 250 guys are onboard my flight, and we're losing out on a day because we spent the morning getting back into Melbourne, a couple hours waiting for the flight, and then we flew to Kuala for an hour before heading to Japan. We'll arrive Tuesday morning and then drive for a couple hours to get to the circuit. I've been informed that the entire paddock's travel boxes will be arriving to the circuit a day late, so we might have Wednesday free to check out some of the local sights (and foods!). I'm not sure where I'm based, but like the residence I stayed at in Phillip Island, it will be without internet access so I'm not sure when I'll be able to check my mail and post up.

Hope everyone is doing well and that you guys are all enjoying the strange twists and turns the season is bringing us this year. Here's just one of the many cool photos I took while in Australia.

They really love their Bazza.
Barry Sheene World Champion, 77 major race victories.


Hey Liam,
Was great to meet you (I was one of them MotoGPod listeners!). Hope you enjoyed your time in Victoria- the race was pretty good for the viewers and the weather was typical Phillip Island.

I want to make good on my offer when you come out for pre season testing. If you can swing it to either come out early or stay a little longer, then I'd love to show you around. Choose from (if we have time, we can do all!): surfing @ Bells or the Island, track day at the island, road ride into the hills nearby, pub nights/music etc...


>...two MotoGPod listeners (both of whom bemoaned the lack of consistent podcasts these days).



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