September 13, 2006

Chinatown, Sepang, part 3

We finished up on Wednesday pretty quickly, so a couple of us returned to Kuala Lumpur. My boss wanted a copy of MotoGP for the PSP, and a couple other people wanted to find Chinatown, because it's where all the "replica" clothing is. You have to get downtown and then take a nice train/trolly/whatever to get there. It was cheap and smooth sailing.

Once the train dropped us off, you get to walk a couple blocks to get into the heart of the area. We passed a nice temple on the street and I decided to pop in and light three sticks.

I only took a photo of the door, because I didn't think it was right to shoot inside. It was really similar to the lay-out from Michelle Yeoh's place in Crouching Tiger.

These are the typical bikes in the city. They're almost all 125 four strokes, and you'll see them hustling down the freeway on the shoulder. The strange thing is, everyone was wearing their jackets on backwards while riding, presumably to keep their clothes clean from all the pollution.

I took some time to make friends with the local bikers. They were pretty enthusiastic about the races, and one guy talked about Eddie Lawson, Freddie Spencer, and that one guy who fell on his bike and broke his arm. At this point, he was shouting and waving his arms up and down until I said, "Randy Mamola?" _ and then he really went bananas! It was great.

Ahhhh, your gateway to purses, watches, clothing, and more. All authentically fake.

I didn't buy anything in Chinatown, except some more food! A nice Chinese biscuit, some more soy bean milk, and a soy dessert. Yummy!

Yeah! This is how we do it. Great forks - anyone remember what this type of suspension set-up is called?

Went back to the hotel later that evening for another good meal with a lot of variety. The selection of food was just amazing, and I wish I'd taken the time to take pictures of the whole spread. Unfortunately, by the time I made it there, I was too hungry to wait and would just dig in.

Suprisingly good. It's funny, now that I'm here I recognize so many faces from the movie, Faster. Where was this guy in Faster 1?

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