September 27, 2006

Dark days in Tokyo

It's been raining quite a bit in Tokyo. The city is quieter than I expected and getting about has been more challenging than I originally thought. I've gotten off the off the subway one stop early - a couple of times - simply because I'm disoriented and I've misread the signs. Nonetheless, this time, and my experiences in Japan, have been simply amazing. I'll wait until I'm back in Barcelona next week before putting up a ton of photos from the past three races because right now my time here is precious and I want to soak in as much as possible.

Shinjuku area, looking for a place to eat. There are lots of restaurants and eatery's, but I was looking for something specific.

This hole in the wall place looked perfect.

And it was!!!

Tonight I'm off in search of more good food, and tomorrow I'm planning a day trip through Ueno. This city has far too much to see and do, and I wish I had more time here, but it's also incredibly expensive and this season has been tight, financially. I feel like this trip has been one of those catalyst moments, which causes a shift in personal understanding and stimulates growth. It's not just being surrounded by a such a rigid and structured society (which it is anything but!), it's more. It's baffling, and it will take me some time to sort through everything. On thing is for sure. I'm so fortunate to be where I am, and it's a combination of people, talent, and drive, that have put me here. To see what I've seen, to smell the air across continents, to feel the impact of various cultures and alien societies - it's magnificent. I'm living well beyond my means at this time, but where my goal might once have been to have fun, love what you do, etc., it's getting more focused week by week. I can't wait for life to keep roling on, rushing into the next stage. Time to eat!


Motoliam...the perfect blend of gasoline and gastronomy.

Glad you're having a blast both at the track and off. And looking forward to the full race reports and photos when you get home.

hey, good luck in your endeavors, the website's awesome. Great to see someone "living a dream" like this!

Take a bullet train to Kyoto and find an authentic katana sword shop.

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