October 09, 2006

Gettin' excited about Estoril? I am!

Countdown to Estoril? 9 hours before I begin the journey. Headed to Madrid first, on an early morning flight, then driving the rest of the way with most of my team. Should be cool, seeing the countryside like that. Yesterday, while driving with the A-Bros, we passed by the main boat harbour in Barcelona, and saw a huge oceanliner from Italy unloading some cool cargo - namely the hospitality and race trucks from LCR Honda and Konica Minolta Honda! We waved from our little car and the drivers recognized us, so that was pretty cool. Just the timing of it was neat. Anyhow, brown cow, I've added two new music selections for you all in the EXTRAS section of the website, or you can just download from the links below. Enjoy!

Estoril 1

Estoril 2


Just listened to ur Estoril tracks. Here are some similar albums:

BT's This Binary Universe
Chris Cowie's Best Behavior (2 CD set)

Let me know if u want these albums and I can send u a copy.

Good luck in Estoril and the rest of the season!!!

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