October 24, 2006

Valencia Bound!

Back once again to beautiful Valencia for the 17th and final round of the 2006 MotoGP World Championship! I began my European adventure here almost exactly one year ago. In fact, October 26th marks the date of my departure from San Francisco, California, when I relocated to Barcelona, Spain. It has been an incredible journey, filled with struggles, stresses, and most of all, motorcycles! I'm proud of what I've accomplished this year, and I could not have made it without the support of my team mates and my team back home in the U.S.

Everyone has been an integral part of this adventure, and I'd like to say thank you to MotoLola, Evan and Joanne, Chris Jonnum of Road Racer X, MotoBrad, MotoIan, Nacho Delgado, Nacho Lorenzana, MotoStrano, the upstanding membership of Barf (Bay Area Riders Forum), and all the people around the world who have emailed me with letters of encouragement and well wishes.

A special thank you goes to Bob Hayes, of for sticking with me and always following my adventures with enthusiasm and faith. Through Bob, I've met some incredible people around the world, and this is just a small, small thank you to him. Thanks Bob!

It's a little sad to see this season go, and it's with mixed feelings that I head to the airport in a few minutes. I don't want it to end - I never do. The future is still undecided for me at the moment, and while my team has announced that Alex Barros will be riding with us next season, we have yet to sign our second rider. Until that moment, the team waits before beginning our session of talks. I definitely think that the hardest year is behind me, and I'm ready for more. More learning, more growing, and more wonderment at the world around me. Here are a few songs I'll be listening to on the plane, and while they're not very current, I feel a little out of this world right now so they fit perfectly. Enjoy this race everyone; it is sure to be the finale we're all expecting!

Valencia 06.1--I've loved this song for years, and it captures so much of the "Nintendo" generation while managing to stay classy. Is this the future of R&B/Jazz?

Valencia 06.2--Fantastic remix of a second generation Brazilian talent, by my favorite German specialist!

Valencia 06.3--One of the most underrated talents to come out of Canada, with an interesting blend of Eastern and Western instrumentation.

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