November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving - Sazzerack Style, 2006!

Thanksgiving in Spain - just another Thursday in Barcelona! I actually didn't realize Thanksgiving was upon us, until someone mentioned it to me on Wednesday. One problem living outside of the U.S. is missing all of the typical holidays, though Spain more than makes up for it by having more holidays than any other country I've ever seen. Come to think of it, August seems like a month long holiday, too. I woke up on Thursday, determined to have myself a nice little dinner celebration, and boy, I didn't disappoint! With a little help from Sazzerack, that is. If you're looking for a good meal in Barcelona that won't break the bank, head on over to the corner of Cansell de Cent and Carrer de Villarroel.

Much like last year, when I spent almost all of my important dates at Sazzerack, I returned once again for my second Thanksgiving in Barcelona. Sazzerack is one of my favorite restaurants, offering a beautiful mix of well prepared meals in various styles. Eastern? Western? They have you covered, and the decor is wonderful as well. I ordered my meal and while I was waiting for it to be prepared by "Mom", one of the waiters screwed up on a drink order, and voila, it became my treat. Desert first? Sure!

Waitaminnit - Who's Mom? The staff of Saz' is quite small, and it's run by a German mother and son duo. He takes care of the front of the house, while Mom oversee's the kitchen staff and monitors all the food that is served. She's also the one responsible for this fantastic French Salad, which had roasted bacon chunks and spiced mushrooms (and they were still hot from the saute pan when I got my salad - YUM!).

If you're going to have a Thanksgiving abroad, do it right and make it something to remember! I looked over the meat dishes, but decided that fish was the way to go. It was a good decision, and the noodles, slightly al dente, complimented the ginger cream sauce on the fish perfectly.

And what better way to wrap up a nice, quiet Thanksgiving? Apple pie ala mode! How awesome is that?!?! It's the little things that keep me rolling!

Extra special notes this week - Marlboro Ducati's Mark Elder celebrated the birth of his first child earlier in the week, and his daughter is a joy to behold. Right on, Mark!

And also, Happy Thanksgiving, Spike! Hope your days in Hawaii are funfilled and stress free.

I hope everyone was able to spend this day with their friends and loved ones, and my best wishes go out to all of you.


Is that your dog Liam? He is very cute and I see you have him micro chipped! You rock :-)

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