December 10, 2006

MotoGPod, the MotoGP podcast, is Back!

I was contacted late last year (2005) by Bob Hayes, the founder of, the motorcycle roadracing podcast that deals primarily with MotoGP related news, rumors, and basically anything to do with racing. It's for fellow speed junkies, and over a year Bob developed a solid following within the international motorcycling community thanks to his attention to detail and also some fantastic interviews with people in the industry. Chuck Aksland, manager of Team KR, had a great two part interview, and overall, MotoGPod is an excellent resource for people who are interested in motorcycle racing and then some. I sent him a copy of my DVD, The Backstage of MotoGP, and over the course of several emails and Skype calls we became friends. Bob is an avid rider, and just this past year took part in his first trackday riding his Yamaha FZ1. Suffice it to say, we hit it off wonderfully. I was featured several times on the show, giving my perspectives on the MotoGP racing scene, and recounting some my crazy adventures, and it was on his show that I first announced that I found a job working in MotoGP. It was, and is, a great way to connect with a lot more people around the world and share my experiences with them. I've since met many people at various races who mention that they've followed my story on MotoGPod, and it's always a pleasure and an honor to meet them.

By mid-season, 2006, Bob was called into active duty in the Middle East as a member of the Sea Bees, the U.S. Naval Construction Force, and despite the best efforts of his friends and members of the Ride on Two forum, the podcast took a short hiatus. Now, just in time for Christmas, the podcast is back to revisit some of the excitement and thrills of the 2006 MotoGP season, and discuss the myriad of possibilities within the preseason.

I highly suggest checking out the MotoGPod website, where you can download the latest podcast (featuring yours truly) or go on over to iTunes and subscribe. It's worth it!

It's really tough to find motorcycles in the Middle East, but Bob finds a way!

Bob's main mode of transportation out in the desert. Now that winter is here, it's getting mighty cold out there in the great expanse, so send Bob some warm wishes this holiday season.

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