January 19, 2007

And they're off and running!

Not enough time in the day to take care of everything it seems. I'm scheduled to depart BCN at 6:30AM (!) so that means a very early taxi to the airport. Solution? Why sleep when you can join in the festivities of the Bread and Butter fashion week going on right now?!? Nacho swung by BCN and together with his girlfriend Cristina, we headed out to see a nice double decker runway show, complete with dancing girls in cages. It's so strange. Next up? All the motorcycle madness that is sure to ensue on-track in Malaysia. I got home before 4AM, perfect timing to finish packing and move on out. Here's a nice song to get us there, in the vein of synthpop that I like so much, sometimes. Funnily enough, I ran into one of Angel Nieto's kids, and also, Oscar, who works with Lucio Ceccinello (of LCR Honda). They told me a little bit about the two teams they're fielding this season, Checa in MotoGP, and an Irish lad in 250. They had just finished two days of motocross training, and were ready to party! Oh, how I wish I could have stayed out tonight.

Sepang Preseason Song


Have a safe trip and good luck w/ testing. Next time I'm in Europe, I got to hit the clubs. When we went to BCN last year there was no time :(

And I'm gonna sack up for the ride out to Cali. It's the return trip that's going to suck

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