January 21, 2007

Long day prepping

It's the kind of sticky hot that makes peeling off your wet clothes harder than removing the melted saran wrap from an over-microwaved burrito. We spent a solid 12 hours at the circuit today putting the finishing touches on our new GP7's, and everyone was wiped out when we finally left. I started to feel like the mathematician wizard, because all I could see was swirling numbers and codes spinning around my head by the early evening. We don't have a hospitality unit out here, but we enjoyed a very brief catered lunch with suspect meat origins, and it's pretty grim trying to snack throughout the day. There's just no good hi-cal snacks laying around! Mostly, I'm guzzling down bottles of water at a high rate. We left the track after 9 and boogied back to the hotel just in time to catch the last fifteen minutes of the buffet before the hotel restaurant closed for the night. That meant a hurried meal. I showered up afterwards and decided to treat myself to a beer to unwind and put the finishing touches on an honest day's work.

Wouldn't you mop the floors to get in with a GP team? I would.

The new Kawasaki is sporting a gorgeous green, but it's a little hard to see here. Pretty much all the riders are in town and getting ready for business, and both Alex and Alex joined us for our rushed dinner, which was nice. Bikes hit the track in less than eight hours.


...only a few hours and it starts :)

yes !

Alex and Alex. Mentioning that just made me realize. That's gonna be confusing!

Great stuff, Liam, have fun out in Sepang, and keep it coming!

Liam! Thanks for the tidbit......have a great weekend.


Have more fun in Sepang Liam!!

Just wondering if fans are allowed to watch the test.. If we are, I mite drive up from Singapore on the last day..

Cant wait to read more bout your adventures!

Awesome blog, Liam. I started reading it religiously after your feature in Road Racer X mag. Since then, I have managed to read every single one of your archived posts. Keep us updated with your MotoGP season!


Great stuff Liam!

Just caught the results from day 2. Way to go Barros!!

4th position Alex Barros Pramac D'Antin Ducati GP7 2:02.538

Good to see your team doing well in the tests. Whats up with the teaser pic of the kawi?? Ive been searching for good pics on it (I still love Ducati's though)

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