February 15, 2007

When in Qatar. . . .

Be a Rock-n-Rollah Ayatollah!

I'm exhausted, thrilled, and deeply satisfied tonight. There might not be much to the nightlife in Doha, Qatar, but I always find other ways to have fun and relieve some of the stress that comes with this job. I'm headed back to BCN tomorrow after breakfast, and should be home before midnight. Just enough time to catch up on some much needed sleep and get organized for the following week. I'll update in the next few days. And congratulations to my boys, the Hoff, and Alex Barros, who was upbeat and in good spirits tonight after falling during a fast qualifying lap today, just before the test officially ended. We ended the afternoon session in 3rd and 6th position, and overall for the day were 4th and 9th. We're getting stronger.

My luggage was lost coming from Madrid, so that meant nearly three days of scrounging around for something to wear. I made it to Carrefour, which is a large European superstore akin to Kmart, and managed to find something suitable. I am a little bummed by Qatar Airways (or whomever lost my gear), because I had to resupply with underwear, socks, bathkit, the works. On the plus side, I did get ahold of something I'd been meaning to since last year - and you're looking at it here!

I'm at the recently renovated airport in Qatar, and although it's still too small for it's own good, at least they have a form of Wifi in place.

I just had a root beer float at this place, and while I try to stay away from fast food, the Papa Burger was too tempting, especially after eating the Qatari way for the last week.



Good job! I have your boys in my fantasy MotoGP teams this year, so hopefully, I'll get rich off them!

yes, i saw the posted times and Pramac is doing great. I guess there must be a lot of head scratching at Borgo Panigale ;)

Hi Liam,
Great work of your team.Impressive result of Alex66. Do you already know where you will stay for the Istanbul GP? We will attend the GP but don't know which hotel to stay. Most of them are 1 1/2 hrs drive from the circuit,on the European side of the city.

Greetings from Antwerp

Nice threads liam!

and kropot, which fantasy league you in?

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