March 17, 2007

2007 Liamaniac Shirts Ahoy!

A lot of good people came together to help me put together the MotoLiam Shirt Project for 2007, so I'd like to send out a huge "Thank You" to Ian, Evan, Lola, Paul, and Nancy. After the limited run of MotoLiam "Wrench" shirts that I sold at the 2006 USGP, I wanted to be able to release something that would have both a broader appeal to the non-motorcycling segment, and also provide a unique link for those of you who have followed the story and appreciate the power of dreams. I'm proud to announce that the 2007 Shirts are here, and as you may have noticed in some of the photos I've posted since Christmas, I've been wearing them around the world since then! I really wanted to verify the quality of the prints and the materials before I said anything, and I can happily report that these babies are sure to provide years of comfort and style. The heavy duty cotton shirts which feature the "Evel" logo seen at the top of the website are strong and durable, the ringer tee's are slightly thinner and are more "form-fitting' (read: slightly smaller), and the sweatshirts and trackjackets are what you'd expect from a premium provider like Hanes (I have always worn Hanes, just like MJ). Due to my hectic travel schedule, I'm not able to store a large amount of shirts in any one place and ship them out whenever people order them, so I hooked up with an online retailer that handles all of the details. In this way, I'm able to create the designs with the help of Ian, Evan, Paul, or Nancy, and then choose how and where they'll be applied. You click to order, and blammo, whatever you want is headed your way. I'm hoping to use the proceeds from the shirt sales to continue to run the website this year, possibly get a new pocket-sized camera, and maybe, just maybe, pick up that lime green BMX I've been eyeing for the last few months. . . .

If you feel like showing your love and support for Liam's Wild Ride, pick up your "MotoLiam", "All Things Moto", or "Squadra Delle Pecore Nere" shirt today! Please take the time to photograph yourself, or your significant others, wearing the gear and send me the pictures. I think it would be a really cool idea to make a special Liamaniac page showing all of you from different parts of the world, all united by this love for motorcycling and the spirit to chase what moves you.

Knowing that my audience spans the globe, I have two online retailers that will be handling all the orders - one based in the United States, and a second one based in Europe. In this way, I hope to insure that everything is created and shipped out with the minimum possible delay so that everyone can be styling pronto.

Many thanks to Carlita, my roomate, for posing for this blatant advertising picture :)
If you click on the photo, you'll be taken to the US MotoLiam Store.

For those of you in Europe and the rest of the world, Click Here to visit MotoLiam's European Store.

Both Stores offer slightly different items, and if you see something you have questions about, or just want to offer some advice/suggestions, feel free to email me and I'll see what we can do.

Mark Elder, of the Marlboro Ducati Team, was kind enough to model this shirt. Who will we be seeing in MotoLiam Gear in the future?!?


you are too cool for
school, jet monkey. can't believe i just spent
my last spare $50 getting
ripped off by ....
commie Spaniards. the shirt graphix are authentic Mac10...
no joke.
tell Carlita i have second degree burns of the eyeballs.
payback is a bear, you turkey.
give my man Barros daps & make
sure he stays maxed. countin on you, bro.

stay safe. stay crazy.
neil critter.

Great shirts Liam, too bad shipping to the EU is so expensive...

I've just received my MotoLiam "Evil/Evel" black T-shirt - just 5 days after ordering from the US store. And I'm from the UK... As Liam said, the shirts are top quality - highly recommended!

Okay, I gotta ask. What does the anime ringer t-shirt say?? I cant quite make it out. BTW a big THANKS Carlita for "showing it off" so well!!!!!!!!!


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