March 02, 2007

Back Online!

Ritorni ad Azione!

I wasn't able to post the last two weeks because I ended up with a corrupted database on my server (don't ask me how, or why, I have no idea), and I wouldn't be posting here now if not for the efforts of my good friend, Evan Donn, of Digital Independence. Huge thanks goes out to him for deciphering the problems and getting Media Temple, the hosting company, to fix all the issues.

Evan has a great set-up in the Presidio, rides a Yamaha, and looks damn good in a trucker hat! Thanks, Evan, you're my Web-Guru!!

I'll be posting soon about the IRTA test in Jerez, and then it'll be time to get even more amp'd up for the first race of the season coming up this next Saturday, the tenth of March, in Doha, Qatar. Is that even possible?!?!? Let's get reeeeeaaaaady to ruuuuuuuuuummmmmbbbbbllllllllllllle!!


Hello, Liam.
happy to see the site up to speed. glad that you survived the glass fiasco. can't wait until the numbers for Alex and
Alex start coming in from the FPs. very best wishes for Luis and his dauntless Black Sheep. Stay Frosty. neil & the East Ghost element.

I bet that clock is ticking really LOUD now, isn't it. :)


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