April 16, 2007

and I'm off! Turkey Bound :)

Leaving for Turkey in just a few minutes, just wanted to throw a quick shout out to everyone and let you all know that I'm looking forward to an action packed weekend of racing! Quick thanks go out to Jason Bright for writing in and pointing out that the strange instrument I saw a couple weeks ago was actually a hammered dulcimer. I read a little about it, and it turns out there is indeed a Persian version, which is what I believe I saw. It's called a Santur, or Santour. I also checked out some video of Istanbul, which was very nicely shown in that beautiful film From Russia with Love. Can't wait!!

Hopefully I'll get a chance to run into a great little family I met in Germany, who are travelling to the race from their home in Amsterdam.

Cathy was the very first person to get a photo of herself over to me showcasing the new Squadra delle Pecore Nere shirt. Awesome! Now then, where are the rest of you who picked up some new MotoLiam clothes. Incidently, I've heard a couple things about the US and the Euro versions of the store, and for those of you in the EU, I believe you can order direct from the States - and the shipping might even be cheaper than ordering from Europe! If you find out, let me know please.

That's all the time I have for now, see you guys at the races!!

Stay tuned!


say hello to Rabbit.

Aaah, here it goes again!! One more awesome race to come, and from the first practice sessions, ducati are taking top speeds. Best results to your team, come this sunday!

nice job w/ barros!!! i was rooting for him all the way!

-da kine

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