May 13, 2007

Google Maps of all the Circuits on the 2007 MotoGP Calendar!

I've been meaning to get this out here for a while - the entire MotoGP calendar of Racetracks we'll visit this year! Huge thanks to Vince, formerly of Ducati North America, for sending this to me, and sorry I couldn't put it out sooner.

EXTRA SPECIAL: CLICK HERE , or on this map of LeMans, France, to select from the entire track list and get up close and personal thanks to Google's Satellite Image Feature. Outstanding!


Friggin awesome Thank you.

not to be too much of a schmuck.. i have a calendar with all the 2007 AMA, WSBK, MotoGP, BSB, and Canadian Superbike on my site. It's in ical format so you can import it into iCal on the mac and it will work with Office 2007 on windows..

enjoy. if something doesn't work let me know.

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