June 17, 2007

Catching up before Donington! Whas' Goin On?

So we head to Donington Park in just a few days, and here on a Sunday night I'm beaming to you from Planet Cafe, the internet coffeeshop (and my second home) in Barcelona's Eixample district. The next two races will see us flying from the first race to the second directly out of Birmingham to Amsterdam, and just a quick reminder to everyone, in Holland, we race on SATURDAY. This effectively means that we won't have a true rest day between races, flying out on Monday (most likely) and starting to work at the Assen TT circuit on Tuesday morning in order to be ready to ride on Thursday. I can't wait, and even though I'm sure the next four races are going to be the most difficult and demanding of the season, I'm hungry to compete and lay it all on the line. Definitely the boys who are really going to be putting in the hard hours will be the #1 and #4 mechanics of Alex Hofmann, and the #2 and #3 mechanics of Alex Barros, who will be driving the Team semi-trucks from Donington Park to Assen instead of flying with us between races. Ohhhh Boy! Almost time for some English Food, hahahaha. Here's a small recap of what's been going on with me inside and outside the races lately, probably nothing new to anyone.

RassaFrassum! The internet has been down at my apartment since before the Catalunya race, which has meant that this past week has seen me conducting all of my internet actions from the cafe, which has only served to increase my frustration with the internet services here due to their lack of timely repair. Not to mention, mysterious internet connection failure tends to occur quite frequently in Spain, and the conspiracist in me thinks it's a way to limit the amount of internet traffic and bandwidth that the telecommunications companies use. Secondly, I haven't received my travel plans yet from our coordinator and ticket agency. That means I don't know if I fly out of Barcelona on Monday or Tuesday (most likely), and I don't know who or what I'll be flying on, haha. Oh well, it's always an adventure in MotoGP, and this is just one more thing that will keep it interesting.

One thing is for sure, I am really looking forward to meeting with some of the English MotoLiam Contingent! Paul was responsible for designing the second MotoLiam "Evel" logo, and here he is sporting it at his office in some rainy place, haha. Speaking of rain, Paul sent me this brief weather report, and man, I sure hope it brightens up around racetime. Right now, it's looking like typical English weather :(

Other notables should be a range of people, and the Day of Champions charity auction should bring a cool bunch of folks out. Sean De Fraine (Biggest Kevin Schwantz fan currently alive, and moderator of the Kevin Forums) should be around, as well. I've gotten some cool emails this week, one of which featured this great Triumph ad on Youtube which shows in detail how they developed and build the humongous triple, the Rocket 3.

I then ran across this neat video on youtube of Ducati's creative efforts. Gave me tingles just watching it!
And here's an old vid I caught with some good Factory Information and shots of the creation of the older 999.

Speaking of neat Ducs, here's a really limited version coming out in North America soon, and the Pantah font on the tank looks great . . . . as if someone thought my ressurection of the font for my '07 MotoLiam Retro logo was way cool and needed to be back on a bike again! Woot!

Coincidence? Well, stranger things have happened, haha.

This just seems so right, for the Marque to bridge the past and the future, with incredible machines like the GP7, the 1098, and the more classic Sports! This is Jo and Carey's gorgeous Washington bomber.

Ok, ok, one more :)

UPDATE: Here's a photo of Jo and Carey styling in their MotoLiam/Squadra Delle Pecore Nere Shirts. WOOT!

And speaking of super cool, I really enjoyed the tv show, Historias Sobre Ruedas, and here are some screenshots from the episode I was featured in.

Yup, these two Alpinestars carry-ons I picked up at MotoStrano accompany me to every GP race I travel to. Shameless plug? Hey! I support the people and companies who help keep us all in the races, so big thanks to Joe at MotoStrano and the good people at Alpinestars for keeping me looking good, and able to work better.

Yee-Haw!!! I love bombing through this city. There are some natural hills and grades that always keep you hustling down towards the waterfront, or working hard just to get home every night! I really get a kick out of pushing it when I'm riding home after work, because I know a shower is just a couple minutes away and it only makes me stronger.

Obligatory shot of me in action, working in my racetruck. Can't believe they edited out all the fun I was having working on the bikes when I was in the garage!

Enjoy this little teaser, everyone :) And in the meantime, start making plans to get to the races!


Liam, thanks for the mention, yep I'll being hunting you down in a couple of days and by the way UK food has improved so much since last year - NOT. Safe trip mate, the UK can't wait for you boys n gals to roll in to town! See you Thursday. Cheers, Sean

Thank you for keeping us abreast Liam. Fabulous looking Ducs. I`ll be keeping an eye on "THE" factory team(s) all morn via the web and have rearranged my work hours to do so. (They`ll hafta get over it).
Best of luck and health in the coming weeks, Greg

Hey Liam actually this Sport started as a prototype from AMS in TX, i did the graphic design part of the bike, Not sure why Ducati said Darmah... my idea based on the Z stripe Sport750 of the 70s

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