July 10, 2007

Getting Geared Up for the Road

It's been simply wild. After Assen, I spent nearly a week in Barcelona, recovering and preparing for the final double header of the first half of the season. Yes, technically we are now past the halfway point, as the upcoming Sachsenring will be our tenth race of eighteen, but the entire paddock won't feel like it's halfway over until we have our traditional summer break in the month of August. I can't wait. I'm looking forward to spending time with my loved ones in San Francisco after the Laguna Seca race, riding through the mountains and along the coast (on something cool!), and as always, eating tasty treats wherever I go! I still have more photos and stories from Assen to relate, but those will have to wait until I have some more free time. I miscalculated somewhat, because before I knew it, I needed to pack my things and get ready to be out of Barcelona for approximately one month. I leave tomorrow morning. Whoa! That means this summer I will have been in my home in BCN for two weeks out of ten. I do wish I had more time to spend in Barcelona during the summer, as it is radically different in looks and feel in the warmer months as opposed to winter time, but time is what it's all about, and I need to spend it with my people in California. Definitely crunch time.

We've got a fantastic race in Germany to look forward to, and immediately afterwards, the BIG ONE of the year for me - Laguna Seca! I'm planning to meet with everyone on Friday evening near Cannery Row in Monterey at a pizza parlor called Gianni's (ok, maybe it's Giovanni's - I'll check and confirm on the website), and on Saturday evening I plan to walk through the camping areas to meet with more people. I'm sure a likely gathering point will turn up, most likely Hawaiian themed, haha.

We'll kick off the pre-Sachsenring vibe with a cool tune, and then some Youtube links of the video I was involved in at Mugello.

GP07 Sachsenring song!

Moto Part 1, in Barcelona

Moto Part 2, at the Track!

Moto Part 3, How it all went down!


Fantastic coverage of the Team. Cmon 2nd half.

Yo Liam,

Best of luck at Sachsenring. The team is looking good. I'm getting on the road out to Laguna, tomorrow! I have one extra pass for the RB Energy Station! See you there!


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