July 18, 2007

OK, We're here!

We've made it to California, touching down early Monday afternoon. I had spent the entire flight from Europe trying to sleep, and more importantly, trying to fight off a heavy cold that I felt was coming on. No matter how I bundled up, I couldn't shake the chills I was having on the flight, and it was only going to get worse. Monday afternoon we took our fuel tank to start the repair process, and by the evening, I was passed out in the motel in Monterey. I spent almost all of Tuesday sleeping. Wednesday, the Team got a slugglish start and we arrived to the circuit just after 10AM. This is quite unusual, but there seemed to be some confusion as to whether or not our flight boxes had arrived on time or were due to arrive in the afternoon. Either way, our coordinator wasn't sure so we went in at 10 and were surprised because we were the last ones there. No matter, we would be the last ones to leave that day, hahaha. Now that the garage is set up, the bikes are being readied for Friday's action packed practices. Barros' crashed machine from the Sachsenring race is almost ready to rock and roll again (and will be within a few hours), and I feel my own strength returning as the bikes near completion.

Friday Night I expect to make it out to Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor on Drake and Lighthouse in Monterey around 9 PM . . . . so if you'd like to pick up a special shirt you pre-ordered, that'd be a nice time to meet. Gotta go, time to get to work. Yeah!


Sitting at the airport in Cincinatti on layover as I head to Laguna. Glad to hear all your gear arrived and that you are feeling better. See ya there.


Greetings to everyone you know!!!

And how I envy you, Alan!!!!

Hey, what's this ass with the Team's bag?!?!?!?!?!?

YEAH is right. Let`s see the show!!!

We're packing up the bikes now and heading out in a couple of hours... see you tonight...

Peter was talking about everything you showed him to anyone that would listen. Thank you for what I am sure will be the highlight of the MotoGP '07.

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